Question 15

Hysterectomy Without Removal Of The Ovaries And Symptoms


Dr N,

How rare is it for a women that is 37 to be going through menopause. That is what is happening to me. I had a partial hysterectomy a few years back, I still have my ovaries, but I guess they are no longer working. Maybe you could give me some thoughts on this subject about premature menopause. I have started HRT and it seems to help with some of the symptoms but not all. I have a terrible time sleeping, and still have hot flashes, but not as bad. If you could please reply back That would be great.





Unfortunately, not rare at all following a hysterectomy. Depending on which research study you read the incidence of ovarian dysfunction following hysterectomy approaches as high as 50% within 3 years of the surgery.

The menopause that you are experiencing is certainly premature relative to your age. It would be important for you to find someone who is knowledgeable about HRT and the treatment of menopausal women. The reason for this is you will be exposed to hormone deficiency for several years longer as compared to someone who becomes hormonally deficient at around 50 years of age as would usually be expected. In addition, you are still having symptoms that can likely be resolved with an appropriate HRT regimen.

Dr N