Question 44

Bladder Pressure Following A Hysterectomy

Dr N,

I had a hysterectomy seven or eight weeks ago. I feel pretty good, except for my bladder. Is it normal to feel pressure and discomfort after a hysterectomy? When I wake up to urinate, it seems to be the worst (some pain). I have started a fast pace walk on my treadmill. Would this have anything to do with it? I just don't want to rush back to the doctor if this is a normal thing to experience after a hysterectomy. Thanks for your help.




I would definitely return to see the Dr, or at the very least call and have a routine urinalysis and culture performed. It is not uncommon to have a urinary tract infection after a hysterectomy and it is possible that this may be the cause of your symptoms. The bladder is usually catheterized during the surgery, which increases the possibility of infection.

Don't ignore, or minimize your symptoms, go see your Dr and find out why you feel the way you do.

Let me know what happens.

Dr N