Dr. N’s Guide to Menopause, Hysterectomy and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Caroline and Dr. N

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The Information in this Website Will Help You to Actively and Effectively Participate in Your Menopause-Related Healthcare Decisions. Knowledge is the Key to Empowerment.                         Donna

By taking control, you will feel better, look younger and enjoy a full, exciting and comfortable sex life.  Read the the following pages … and remember this, your physician works for you he is actually in your employ.  In the best case scenario it is a partnership of shared decision making.  If your health professional is not responsive to this concept, you are not a prisoner, find another physician.

Would you like to “Get back to being me?” Read the information in this website if …

  • your lifestyle, sexuality or sense of well-being has been affected by a natural, premature or or surgical menopause

  •  you have menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, sweats, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, headaches, mood swings, muscle aches, loss of libido, weight gain, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, or problems with memory and concentration

  •  you have been told: That your sexual problems are not related menopause when you know without question they are. If your doctor tells you that “nothing else can be done, you are just going to have to live with your sex life the way it is.” And then, the final insult, “I think you need to see a therapist.” You look at your physician and think, “this is the guy I’m supposed to trust,” or worse, you begin to think he may be right.

  •  your Dr. says, “you can’t take hormone replacement therapy.”

  • you are using hormone therapy but it isn’t relieving your menopausal symptoms or doing anything about your sex life. 

  •  you’re confused about HRT.  Is it safe? Will it help me? Does it really cause breast cancer?

  • you want to know what’s best for you, hormone patches, gels, pills, injections, hormone pellet implants, or bioidentical hormones

  •  you want to know enough about your menopause to make decisions that are right for you.

    Unfortunately, not all physicians know a lot about menopause or are familiar the treatment options that are the safest and most effective.

The information in this website was written by Dr. Jerry Nosanchuk a physician who has specialized in the care of menopausal women for over 30 years.  His office is located in Bingham Farms, Michigan.  Appointments with Dr. Nosanchuk can be made by calling: (248) 644-7200 img_8227and speaking to Caroline Monday through Friday from 10AM to 6PM

IMPORTANT: This website is for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to suggest a specific therapy for any individual and must not be construed to establish a physician patient relationship.