Dr. N’s Guide to Menopause, Hysterectomy and Hormone Replacement Therapy

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 Look younger, avoid wrinkling, prevent hair loss, have a great sex life

At menopause the skin begins to lose collagen, thins and wrinkles. The consequence is   accelerated skin aging. This alteration in skin structure of the skin is not associated with how old you are but rather how long you have been hormone deficient. Fortunately,  accelerated skin aging is preventable and often reversible with the use of optimal hormone therapy. This may sound too good to be true but I can assure you it is true. I can also assure you that optimal hormone therapy will be incredibly more effective than any “rejuvenating” cream you can purchase at any price.

The role of hormone therapy in preventing aging of the skin is well documented. Dr. Mark Brincat has authored a number of research studies confirming the deleterious effects of hormone deficiency on skin. I was fortunate by invitation of the department head to spend time at Kings College Hospital Menopause Clinic in London where Dr. Brincat did some of his initial research. Below you will find a URL of an abstract of one of Dr. Brincat’s research studies outlining the protective and rejuvenating effect of sex hormones on the skin. Just copy it to your browser and press enter.


In addition sex hormone deficiency will cause a progressive decline in other sex hormone dependent tissues. including the brain, heart, skeleton and vaginal tissues. These changes are not inevitable and are preventable by the use of hormone replacement therapy.

In a similar fashion hair loss at menopause is not an inevitable part of aging and is prevented by replacing the hormones that are missing. In addition, loss of sexual interest at menopause is not age related it is a hormone deficiency brain dysfunction and is almost always reversible with appropriate hormone replacement.

Sandra a menopausal patient with a smile that brightens your day

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Menopause – Symptoms, Sex and Hormones – YouTube

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Feel better, look years younger, enjoy a full and exciting sex life. Get back to being you…Yes it is really possible.

Dr. N Chats with Amber about her hysterectomy


  • Do you have hot flashes, sweats, problems sleeping and you are tired all the time? Do you have headaches, mood swings, muscle aches and weight gain?

  •  Have you have been told by your doctor that your loss of sexual interest has nothing to do with your menopause when you know it has everything to do with your menopause. And then he wants to send you to a therapist.

  •  Has your doctor said he won’t give you hormones?

  • Are you are using hormones and they are just aren’t working?

  •  Every doctor tells you something different and you confused whether you should use hormones or what kind of hormone program.

  • The truth is that most physicians have limited knowledge about menopause and the treatment options that are the safest and most effective.

  • This website will provide information to assist you in managing your menopausal health decisions.

The information in this website was written by Dr. Jerry Nosanchuk a physician who has specialized in the care of menopausal women for over 30 years.  His office is located in Bingham Farms, Michigan. To schedule an office or virtual visit call (248) 644-7200

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