Hysterectomy – Menopausal Symptoms With Ovaries Present

Dr N:

I’m sure this is a question you’ve heard before , treatment I had a hysterectomy done two years ago, generic everything was removed except one ovary. I had a prolapsed uterus and fibroid tumors. My doctor says that I am not in need of any hormone therapy because I still have the one ovary. I have sweats ( not intense, viagra but uncomfortable) depression, and can’t seem to achieve orgasms. When I told him this , he gave me Paxil. This is something I don’t want to take, and have not taken. I hope you can help in some way. ( I am 46 years old) thank you.



You’re right, this is a frequent question, and I need to write a section on this topic. It is addressed in one of the Ask Dr N questions and you should look at this as it will provide some insight. The Menopausal With Ovaries on the drop down list on the Ask Dr N Archives page of the web site. The bottom line is that your Dr just does not know any better, because he is wrong. There are a number of studies that show that ovaries fail after hysterectomy, especially if one is removed. You are entitled to HRT if you want it. If he cannot see the light, find another physician who is more knowledgeable.

You will find a summary, or abstract of a study about this, below this e-mail for you to look at.

Let me know what and how you do.

Dr N

Ovarian failure phenomena after hysterectomy.

Riedel HH , Lehmann-Willenbrock E , Semm K
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J Reprod Med 1986 Jul;31(7):597-600

Article Number: UI86307795

Abstract: Previous studies have shown that simple hysterectomy with both ovaries left intact may cause ovarian failure. Questionnaires on climacteric symptoms were mailed to 243 patients between 27 and 42 years old who had been hysterectomized during the past ten years in the Kiel University obstetrics and gynecology clinic. From the 164 replies we found typical signs of ovarian failure in 39%. Some of the patients were asked to undergo endocrinologic investigation, which showed biphasic cycles in most cases. However, the average progesterone and estrogen concentrations in the suspected luteal phases were lower than in healthy women in the same age group.

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